Submissions Status

Masha Gunic is now open to submissions!

Jennifer Azantian is currently closed to unsolicited submissions with the exceptions below.

Submission Form

To query Masha, please fill out her submissions form.

From March 1st-March 31st of 2019, Jennifer is open to all middle grade fiction, including contemporary realistic. To query middle grade novels, please fill out this submissions form.

From February 18th of 2019 on, Jennifer is open to middle grade and young adult graphic novels across genres. If you can make her feel like THE PRINCE AND THE DRESSMAKER did, you’ll have her. To query graphic novels, please fill out this submissions form using the guidelines below.

Submission Guidlines and Formating

For novel submissions:

  • Query Letter (format below)

Dear [Agent's Last Name],

[2-3 paragraphs in the third person that tells the agent about your project in a way that showcases your writing ability and style. Think back-cover copy or the inside flap of published books.]

[1 short paragraph of relevant biographical information and/or published works (not necessary if you don't have any)]

[closing/wrap-up sentence]


  • 1-2 page Synopsis
  • First 10 pages


For graphic novel submissions:

  • Query Letter (short introduction/pitch is fine)
  • Full Synopsis/Outline
  • First 10-20 pages of the script
  • 2-5 pages of sample art (in the same attachment) If the file is too large to attach, please provide a link to Google Drive, One Drive, an online gallery, or something similar in your query.
  • Character sketches (optional)