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Renae Moore

Renae Moore


Renae started her career in publishing with various editorial internships before a term at a mid-size East Coast literary agency before building her own client list there. She has a B.A. in Anthropology, M.Ed., and J.D., and thinks it might be partly due to her childhood TV watching habits and resulting fascination with the Fraggles' Uncle Traveling Matt, Night Court, and Miss Frizzle. The driving forces behind Renae's motivation as an agent are the power and empowerment in storytelling. She gravitates to stories that have a balance of heart, mystery, magic, and adventure.

Graphic Novel

She is interested in coming-of-age, adventure, mystery, and speculative fiction. Her favorites include: RUNAWAYS, SAGA, ALEX + ADA, RAT QUEENS.

Young Adult

She is interested in speculative and SFF novels that transport the reader to new realities like WANT, THE SOUND OF STARS, and INFINITY SON. Romance novels with characters who have real world stakes and interests like NOW THAT I'VE FOUND YOU and CHARMING AS A VERB. She is also interested in books that center on a mystery or adventure.


She is looking for books that have literary writing no matter the genre. Speculative fiction novels that have masterful world-building, carefully-crafted characters, and strong emotional stakes like AN UNKINDNESS OF GHOSTS and SENLIN ASCENDS. Literary mysteries that use non-graphic descriptions to address important topics in thoughtful ways while keeping readers guessing until the end like THE GUEST LIST and ANXIOUS PEOPLE.