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Alexandra Weiss

Alexandra Weiss


Alexandra Weiss joined the world of publishing in 2016, as an associate agent with the Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency. In 2021, she joined Azantian Literary Agency where she represents fiction and nonfiction picture books, middle grade, young adult, graphic novels, and a handful of genres within adult fiction and nonfiction. She holds a BFA in creative writing and publishing from Columbia College Chicago and has written for Bustle and Buzzfeed, among others. She regularly volunteers with literary organizations and has a soft spot for working with young readers. When she isn't reading or writing, she's probably baking up a storm or snuggling with her cat.


Across the board, I'm dedicated to representing marginalized creators and diverse stories. I'm actively seeking and prioritizing submissions from BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, genderfluid, neurodiverse, and disabled voices for all ages and genres.

Graphic Novels

Please send me your early reader, MG, and YA graphic novel proposals! I'm actively seeking contemporary projects but am open to all genres. Some recent favorites include THIS WAS OUR PACT, SEANCE TEA PARTY and GO WITH THE FLOW. I'd also love to see some nonfiction graphic novels that cover fascinating topics.

Young Adult

I'm actively seeking more YA! Give me your fluffy, contemporary romcoms and cozy fantasies! I want to see your innovative YA thrillers (think TRULY DEVIOUS). I like my scary with a side of romance or humor! Send me stories echo modern-day issues for young adults, whether that's set in a real world we know well or a new fantastical world that rings with familiarity. Forever and always, I'm interested in YA stories that take place outside of the US or feature mythology from non-western cultures.

Middle Grade

I'm currently taking on very little middle grade, but I am always looking for more fantastical stories that explore new worlds alongside realistic problems our young readers face. I'd also love to see MG books that strike that perfect balance of suspense, horror, and hope (aka please send me a new take on A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS!). I'm also a huge fan of contemporary middle grade that pulls at your heartstrings (think I'LL SEE YOU IN THE COSMOS and SONG FOR A WHALE).

Picture Books

At this time I am only seeking author-illustrator picture books submissions. I enjoy a lot of different art styles but generally lean toward art that's bold, playful and unexpected. As far as subject matter goes, I would love to find more books that explore different cultural traditions, non-western mythology and folklore, as well as hilarious books that make both children and adults giggle non-stop.


Nonfiction: I'm always looking for fresh, evocative, and jaw-dropping nonfiction from scientists or experts in their field. Categories I love to see include anything space-related, internet/media, gender studies, LGBTQ+, mental health, climate change, and all the animals.

Fiction: I'm opening up to adult literary fiction and select adult speculative fiction. I'm seeking gorgeous, stunning writing. I want to be swept away line after line, while also getting to know fully-developed characters and their intricate worlds. I also adore books that take on different points of view and play with formatting (I adore THE ISLAND OF MISSING TREES and WHEN WOMEN WERE DRAGONS). I'm open to contemporary and speculative genres here as long as they explore timely, high-concept subjects. Surprise me!

For adult genre fiction, I'd love to see some cozy fantasies that explore familiar themes without getting lost in the setup of worldbuilding (think HOUSE ON THE CERULEAN SEA and THE VERY SECRET SOCIETY OF IRREGULAR WITCHES). I'd also like to see thrillers and mysteries that house so many secrets it keeps me up at night.

What I'm Not Looking For

  • Memoirs (I'd love to see you incorporate personal elements into your adult nonfiction, but straight memoirs are not for me!)
  • Epic fantasy or science fiction
  • Adult horror
  • Picture book-only manuscripts

Hyper-specific things I'm looking for at the moment

  • I would die for a f/f Pirates of the Caribbean inspired novel.
  • I'm big on cozy video games and would LOVE to see an adult speculative novel that feels like/is inspired by Spirit Farer.
  • A YA/MG contemporary about teens competing in a poetry slam contest.
  • MG books that strike that perfect balance of suspense, horror, and hope (aka please send me a fresh take on A Series of Unfortunate Events).
  • YA that's rooted in anti-capitalism and down with the patriarchy vibes.
  • Adult nonfiction proposals featuring brand new, fascinating research.
  • Books that are heavy on the heartbreak but give me a newfound sense of hope in the end.