Jennifer Azantian

Founder Jennifer Azantian graduated with a B.S. in clinical and developmental psychology from the University of California, San Diego where she was an executive editor for the Trition Psychology Report. In 2011, she began her agenting career, first as an intern and then as an assistant and associate, at the Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency. In 2014, while working with senior agent and entertainment lawyer Paul Levine, Jennifer opened her own agency specializing in speculative fiction.

Jennifer is particularly interested in stories that explore meaningful human interactions against fantastic backdrops, underrepresented voices, literary science fiction, historical fantasy, creepy stories for young readers, humorous space operas, well-crafted and hopeful futures, internally consistent epic fantasy, obscure retold fairy tales, modernized mythologies, and eccentric protagonists. She brings to her clients a passion for literature born of a writer's heart, an editorial eye honed from reviewing thousands of projects, and contract knowledge empowered by guidance from her mentor Paul Levine. She is also a conference and convention regular who has spoken at and provided critiques for SCBWI, ConDor Con, SCWC, WNBA-LA, Literary Orange, GLAWS, Cascade Writers' Workshop, and more.

Ben Baxter

After completing his service for the U.S. Navy in 2000, Ben Baxter returned to school and earned his B.A. in communications at CSUB. Two years later he completed his M.Ed. in instructional technology. He has since led training initiatives in Fortune 500 companies with a focus on online training.

Ben joined the Azantian Literary Agency in early 2014 as webmaster. He stayed on to help with other aspects of the agency and currently supports Jennifer as a second reader and developmental editor, providing extra support for her authors.